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"Working with Manny the last few years has increased our revenue by 30 Million Dollars"
American Cancer Society

Thank you for considering Manuel for your next event! We appreciate the opportunity to explore your needs and to determine whether Manuel is the “right fit” for your event. We understand that your name and reputation is on the line every time you select a speaker. Our goal is to provide you with a high level of service focused on integrity, flexibility, good stewardship, accessibility, and success as defined by you and/or the client.


1. NOTHING IS PROBLEMATIC: We know you have enough to worry about and the speaker should not be one of them. We are flexible with any last minute changes and easy to get along with. Manny doesn’t suffer from “celebrity or prima donna syndrome” He is down to earth, always ready to serve you, and will accommodate any request that he can. No all red M&MS in the limo needed! 

 2. PROFESSIONAL: Unequivocally he is a consummate professional. He maintains high level of ethics on and off the platform. Manny believes the privilege of the platform is an awesome responsibility. Therefore, he constantly strives for excellence.

3. PASSIONATE: From the moment he walks in the room or steps on the stage Manny instantly connects with the audience. His passion for life and people move audience members into action. Manny walks his talk. He believes in his message and is a walking example of his talk. 

4. UNDERSTANDS YOU: Constantly working with Speakers Bureaus and Meeting Professionals, Manny understand the business and will do everything he can to make you a star. He understand that decisions are based on trust and he works very hard at not only earning yours but keeping it.

5. KNOWN BY THE “COMPANY” WE KEEP: Manny had been invited back again and again by a large number of is clients. The moment of truth is always what the client says, speaks, writes and feels about the event. Please ask Manny about his testimonial (love letters) and see for yourself.